IsoDev - Industrial Solutions Developement GmbH

DeepCopy – The complete copy of Lectra Files

DeepCopy is the perfect guide to send Lectra markers. You can absolutely be sure to have copied all patterns, variants and patterns. This becomes even more important when you start working with reference models.

DeepCopy makes your copies safe and complete. It automatically copies all models and reference models. In addition to that, DeepCopy also checks, if the model contains all the variants used in the model which makes sure that your copy always contains applicable data files.

DeepCopy is also able to create a packed zip-file to simplify sending emails or copying data files on a data storage medium. To improve data security on the internet, DeepCopy is even able to use password protection.

Invader – searching and finding in the flood of Lectra-data

Do you quickly and easily want to figure out what is contained in a Lectra marker without having to lavishly open it up in the CAD-system? Do you also want to check whether all models or variants for a marker still exist and therefore the marker still is valid?

If these are your every-day tasks, then Invader will simplify your life. Use Invader to quick and clearly display the content of one or several markers, to find damaged markers or to export the marker´s analytical data for further processing.

RepDXF – preparing DXF-data without design but with concept

The rules for importing DXF-data coming from technical CAD software into textile CAD-systems are very rigid and only rarely can completely be fulfilled.

RepDXF will help you to prepare your DXF-data for importing - almost automatically and with very little effort.

IsoDex – universal DXF out of your Lectra CAD

Whenever you need DXF-data from your Lectra models, for example for the cutting of leather, the automatic nesting or similar requirements, IsoDex will do this job for you. Combined with the IsoWatch module this happens automatically without having to concern yourself with it.