IsoDev - Industrial Solutions Developement GmbH

Company profile

IsoDev GmbH was founded in 1998 by its owners Alfons Wess and Mario Leibezeder, who are both in charge of the company since then.

Traditionally, the core competences of IsoDev GmbH cover the manufacturing of flexible materials and their corresponding processes. Therefore, IsoDev cooperates with well-known manufacturers in the textile and upholstery furniture industry as well as with technology companies working with technical textiles and composite-materials.

IsoDev's expertise provides professional software solutions in the fields of CAD and CAM, as individual software products or as parts of large overall concepts and projects, for upmost demands and productivity. Detailed plannings, professional implementation, qualified installation and start-up, quick and easy support, all those features distinguish us form most of the other suppliers in our market segment. The linkage between standard and customized components leads to overall projects characterized by upmost efficiency for our customers.

Based on our great experience in the field software development, we are also able to professionally serve companies working in other industries, so in the meantime we have been able to successfully position our products and services in many different branches of trade.

Our motto is: “no matter which demands you have, we will definitely meet them”