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Cutting leather is a very specific challenge. Unlike cutting fabric, it is impossible to use pre-made markers, as every hide is unique in its shape. Traditionally, the shapes are placed on the hide by the use of cardboard patterns. This requires a lot of experience and is very time- and cost-intensive. Moreover, this method provides very little flexibility. If shapes change, new patterns have to be made every time.

Today there are automated systems which capture the contour and quality zones of a hide with digital imaging methods and then automatically place the shapes on the hide. But, technical and financial efforts which have to be made are tremendous and in most cases, they are in no relation to the results that can be achieved.

IsoDev´s product LeoNest combines the best of both worlds: Nesting of the patterns on the hide still happens manually and therefore remains in the operator´s responsibility. But now, the operator is supported by a powerful tool called LeoNest. Thereby material usage and productivity can be increased dramatically.

Instead of working with patterns, the shapes of the patterns are directly selected from the CAD system and projected on the leather hide. Then they can be placed at the right position by the use of a wireless controller. There is no easier way than this!

Production orders are arranged in a separate dialog window consisting of parts or groups of parts together with all other additional entries concerning orders. The patterns to be placed can be selected from a repository. Here you are informed about how many patterns still are needed and still have to be placed.

The patterns are nested directly on the leather hide.

By using a wireless controller, patterns can be picked up, moved, rotated, duplicated, placed or taken back again. By building groups it is easily possible to repeatedly place a separate set of patterns.

LeoNest can easily be installed on an already existing cutting system and therefore develop this system into a flexible and efficient leather-system. The patterns are brightly and clearly projected on the hide by a standard projector. So there are only very modest costs of acquisition and upkeep concerning hardware. The same is true for the controller-devices which are standard units. LeoNest is directly linked to the CAD-system which ensures extremely high flexibility in case of pattern changes and modifications.

Easy operation and therefore a short training period of the operators allows rapid implementation and fast use of LeoNest.

LeoNest works with standard CAD data formats like DXF, ASTM, ISO and CVX, so it perfectly interacts with IsoDev´s CAD system PreCAM®.

Even if you are working with a Lectra CAD-system, just contact us, we will surely be able to help you.