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WingMan – the intelligent way of piloting your cutter

WingMan is the perfect frontend to pilot your cutting machine. Compared to other provider´s products, WingMan shows a very high grade of flexibility. WingMan works with cutters of the most important manufacturers like Zuend, Eurolaser, Gunnar and Lectra.
WingMan works efficiently, is easy to handle and compatible with numerous different formats like ISO (RS274D), DXF, HPGL, CMX and even Lectra.

WM-Offload – The solution for offloading-processes in automatic cutting-systems

The process of taking cut pieces off the cutter and sorting them is very time-consuming and prone to errors, because errors that occur during the process of cutting and bundling cost a lot of time and money and sustainably disturb the subsequent processes.


Cutting leather is a very specific challenge. Unlike cutting fabric, it is impossible to use pre-made markers, as every hide is unique in its shape. Traditionally, the shapes are placed on the hide by the use of cardboard patterns. This requires a lot of experience and is very time- and cost-intensive. Moreover, this method provides very little flexibility. If shapes change, new patterns have to be made every time.

IDPlot – professional plotting on any standard plotter

Make yourself independent of vendor-specific software which does not conform your demands anymore. Use IDPlot to make your plotter or cutter universally and flexibly usable and to run it efficiently.

IDPlot does not only support the most plotters of well-known manufacturers like Lectra (FlyPen, E33, E32), Zuend or Exact, but also any HPGL-compatible plotters in general.

easyPlot: Plot your Lectra data on any HPGL-plotter

If you ever have thought about replacing your plotter attached to the Lectra CAD-system, you will surely have noticed that in this case you are very much dependent on your provider. So: Make yourself independent by using our product easyPlot.

easyPlot directly creates HPGL-data from your plotter-output which then can be plotted on a usual plotter without having to change operational procedures in the CAD department.