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System integration

For quite a long time, computer based machines and software systems for production environments have been considered to be isolated applications, which have been operated separately from the commercial software-environment.

Nowadays, modern computer systems incorporate all levels of process in manufacturing as an integral unit of the “product-lifecycle management”. This calls for a data-based integration of all processes in manufacturing in the IT-landscape of a company.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers of CAD and CAM-systems in our industry have not yet recognized this insight and therefore, they do not offer standardized interfaces for an electronic exchange of information.

A powerful infrastructure, integrating all systems that are involved in the process, to our mind belongs to the most important topics and is therefore integrated in all our concepts. Even for the case of less cooperative systems being involved in any of our projects, we have developed approaches and interfaces to integrate them as good as possible. In doing so, we aim at a balanced process flow including the largest possible scale of integration. Only by connecting the systems, can a single product develop into a sequential process which provides full productive efficiency and therefore dramatically upgrades the value of the whole solution.