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WingMan – the intelligent way of piloting your cutter

WingMan is the perfect frontend to pilot your cutting machine. Compared to other provider´s products, WingMan shows a very high grade of flexibility. WingMan works with cutters of the most important manufacturers like Zuend, Eurolaser, Gunnar and Lectra.
WingMan works efficiently, is easy to handle and compatible with numerous different formats like ISO (RS274D), DXF, HPGL, CMX and even Lectra.

Entire sets of machine parameters for speed and acceleration can be stored and recalled at any time for any number of materials. So you can easily use material-specific settings and therefore achieve optimum cutting results.

Especially the function of automatic stripe-cutting, re-cut and re-start enormously simplifies working and raises productivity.

The AutoNester option allows you to automatically nest markers directly on the cutter which will help you to save material every day.

You can adjust complete markers to modified widths of material, indent consecutive markers at their transitions. In addition to that, patterns which have to be re-cut can directly be placed behind the end of the original marker or remaining patterns, at the material's end.

By direct communication with our CAMSuite you also get the chance to edit and change markers directly out of WingMan. Then these changes are automatically taken over to the current marker.

The handling of WingMan is very easy to learn due to WingMan´s specific user interface and clearly arranged menus. You can even work with a touch-screen instead of a mouse which simplifies work for there is almost always less space around the control panel.

WingMan will raise you cutter´s value for you increase its usability.