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WM-Offload – The solution for offloading-processes in automatic cutting-systems

The process of taking cut pieces off the cutter and sorting them is very time-consuming and prone to errors, because errors that occur during the process of cutting and bundling cost a lot of time and money and sustainably disturb the subsequent processes.

The use of mini-plots and labels create an additional expenditure of material and time. This is not really a suitable way to go along with this critical process.

IsoDev´s product WM-Offload displays any information that is necessary to identify parts in the offloading-area of the cutter – using a screen or video projector.

You get any information you need to clearly identify the parts at any time, like piece-name, model, bundle, etc. Here, the type of information is not limited to CAD-data.

WM-Offload provides an external interface to link any kind of additional information.

By an integrated connection to the cutter-software, WM-Offload works completely independent without any kind of user activity.

WM-Offload ideally works with WingMan, IsoDev´s cutter controller software.

If you use another cutting-system like Lectra or Kuris, just contact us, we will surely find a solution for this problem.

There are several ways to upgrade WM-Offload:

By the use of the additional module WM-Print, you can create a system that is not only able to display any information, but also to create unique labels for each part.

In combination with WM-Print, WM-Offload is an extremely efficient and versatile solution to identify AND mark pieces after the cutting-process.

By extending WM-Offload with WM-Recut you get a system that allows the user to mark defective pieces during the offloading-process, which will immediately be sent to the cutting-machine for a re-cut..